Greek Sweet Delight Lokum Traditional Treats Candy Bites In Various Flavors From Syros Island




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Greek Product


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Serving size : 1piece (12gr)


Bag of 400gr (14.10 oz ) servings per container : 33

Bag of 800gr (28.22 oz ) servings per container : 66

Bag of 1500gr (52.91 oz ) servings per container : 125


This delicious traditional delight jelly treat is a confection popular amongst people of all ages, not only in Greece but in the whole Mediterranean region.

This assortment of small lokum bites brings together the most popular flavors and aromas from the local orchards: rose petals, bergamot orange, mint and the unique chios mastiha.

Traditionally, loukoumi is served with coffee or tea, or with a glass of cold water as a welcome treat in Greek households.


Ingredients : sugar, water, cornstarch, glucose syrup, food colours, natural flavoring, extract rose petals, chios mastic, citric acid, rose-bergamot orange-mint, chios mastic oil.

May contain nuts traces


Storage : Keep it in a cool & dry place



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1500gr ( 52.91oz ), 400gr ( 14.10oz ), 800gr ( 28.22oz )


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