Charleston Candies Greek, Traditional Fruit Gummy Jelly Candies Treat In 3 Flavors



Can’t be tempted to eat only one.

Charleston candies are the ones that take us back to our childhood. There has not been a child who has visited a relative or friend’s house and has not stared at the fountain on the table waiting to be offered the candy.

Charleston candies with rose, bergamot or Chios Mastic flavor are an ideal summer delicacy, as you can have them with you all summer and serve them to your friends, wherever you are.

They can also happily decorate your glasses at a baptism, a wedding or a children’s party.

Because our memories are the ones that keep us alive and because we want to keep the tradition, in our store you will find your favorite Charleston candies in a special quality.

Each one of the jelly candies is individually wrapped.

Expiry Date : 08/2023

Greek Product


sugar, glucose syrup, corn starch, citric acid, cream of tartar E336, color : chlorophyllin E141, acidity regulator.

May contain nut traces.


Keep it in a cool & dry place

Maximum Estimated Delivery Date 2022/10/14
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Bergamot, Chios Mastic, Rose


1500gr ( 52.91oz ), 400gr ( 14.10oz ), 800gr ( 28.22oz )


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