Cretan Iama Herbal Health Nutritional Food Supplement Soft Gel 14 Capsules For Immune System Cold & Flu

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This is the new herbal natural formulation, based on traditional Cretan herbs, olive oil and honey.

It contributes in a natural way to strengthen the body’s defense, treatment of symptoms of cold & flu, strengthening the immune system.

Expiry Date : 02/2023

Greek Product


Clinically Tested, International Innovation Patent, 100% Natural Product, Vegetarian, Vegan

Free Of

Artificial Flavors & Colors, Preservatives, Additives, Sugar, GMO, Gluten.

Herbal Properties

Antioxidant, Cold, Flu, Immune System, Respiratory.


It contains 3 essential oils of three aromatic herbs.

Thyme ( coridothymus capitatus ), sage (  salvia fruticosa ), dittany ( origanum dictamnus ).

In specific proportions  which are dissolved in extra virgin olive oil.

Distillate 0,14ml Corresponding

Thyme : 2.86gr

Sage : 3.50gr

Dittany : 2.10gr

Extra virgin olive oil : 0.78ml

Recommended Daily Dose

2 soft gel capsules taken once a day either in the morning or in the evening for at least one week.

Instructions For Use

Capsules are swallowed with water or another drink, independently of meals.


Keep it in a cool & dry place

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