Greek Truffle Salt, Hand Harvest Pure Natural Unprocessed Unrefined Fleur De Sel Sea Salt With Dried Black Summer Truffle, Tuber Aestivum Flakes



Fleur De Sel is the purest healthy form of sea salts.

Hand picked method of harvest.

Best known as the ‘’caviar’’ of sea salts

It is a 100% natural product direct from the sea without any process and has great nutritional value, as it contains 96 minerals and trace elements.

Greek Product


100% Natural Product

Free Of

Discoloration, Artificial Flavors & Colors


This salt retains a significant amount of moisture while its unique texture gives it its distinctive crystalline form.

Because of the addition of the truffle the texture, taste & aroma will become more intense, heavy & spicy.


It tastes completely different from the common sea salt.

It has a more “sweet”,soft ,delicate taste with less intense saltiness.

Its crystals are crisp and fragrant, creating a burst of flavor.

Because of the addition of the black truffle the texture, taste & aroma will become more intense, heavy & spicy.

Cooking & Pastry Uses

A few crystals of fleur de sel sprinkled over a dish right before serving add a burst of flavor, visual appeal and even texture.

For one thing, it is very delicate and will quickly dissolve, so it really should be added to a dish immediately before serving.

You’ll still taste it after it dissolves, but you won’t see it or feel its distinctive texture.

One interesting use of fleur de sel is sprinkling it on candies, on caramels, or other sweet items, like creme brulee, which both heightens and contrasts the sweetness


A very small dosage just before roasting will taste without drying out any meat or fish.

Also add it at the end of cooking so that the truffle aroma is not lost.


keep it in a cool & dry place in a glass jar not plastic.

( If you leave it exposed to the air, it may dry out )

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