Greek Handmade Frumenty Tarhana Soup With Various Flavors Porcini Mushrooms Vegetables Sour & Sweet From Kalavryta



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Greek Product


Ideal For Mediterranean Diet, Babies, Athletes & Pregnancy

 Low Gluten 



Free Of


  • Artificial Flavors & Colours
  • Preservatives
  • Sugar
  • G.M.O.
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Serving size : 1/2 cup (50gr)


Bag of 400gr (14.10 oz ) servings per container : 8

Bag of 800gr (28.22 oz ) servings per container : 16

Bag of 1500gr (52.91 oz ) servings per container : 30

This delicious aromatic trahana is suitable for a tasty and strengthening meal or for a special breakfast.



Tarhana Soup With Porcini Mushrooms & Vegetables


Ingredients : durum wheat semolina, porcini mushroom, tomato, red & green pepper, pumpkin, onion, carrot, potato, celery, parsley & sea salt.



Tarhana Soup Sour


Ingredients : durum wheat semolina, cow soured milk, eggs & sea salt.



Tarhana Soup Sweet


Ingredients : durum wheat semolina, cow fresh milk, eggs & sea salt.



Storage : Keep it in a cool & dry place



What Is Frumenty Tarhanas or Trahanas


The tarhanas is a traditional pasta made from durum wheat flour, cow’s or sheep’s or goat’s milk and eggs.

It has high nutritional value and low in calories.

It is rich in carbohydrates and gives energy to the body.

Because it is made from milk-yogurt has a nutritional value similar to that of meat. Three small mugs correspond to a full meal, giving the body all the necessary components needed to operate.

The fat is not particularly high nor high cholesterol levels ( just 20 mg of cholesterol per 100 gr trachana ), so it can be consumed without fear even by young children, the elderly and pregnant women.

It has a sizable percentage of fiber that is extremely useful for gut health, a high calcium due to the milk and yeast, and particularly calcium is highly absorbable by the body.

Also it is a good source of absorbable iron ( heme iron ) due to the milk-containing yogurt. The carotenoids lutein acts as a powerful antioxidant against the damaging effects of free radicals. Very powerful antioxidant properties play an important role in maintaining eye health, skin, heart and reproductive system.



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1500gr ( 52.91oz ), 400gr ( 14.10oz ), 800gr ( 28.22oz )


Sour, Sweet


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