Olymp Mykonos Greek Marinated Piquant Green Olives With Red Pepper Sauce & Garlic In Vacuum Packs From Katerini 750gr

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Greek Product





Free Of


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  • Additives
  • Gluten
  • G.M.O.

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These kind of olive can be used for salads, cooking or to consume as it is.


1 Order : 3x250gr = 750gr

Net weight : 250 gr  ( 8.81 oz )


Ingredients : green olives, sea salt, sunflower oil, natural citric & ascorbic acid, red hot pepper, herbs, mustard seed & garlic.



Maintenance Of Olives


Keep in a cool & shady place in temperatures under 30 °C.

After opening keep in the refrigerator and consume within 10days.

If you want to keep the olives for a few weeks put them in a glass jar with plenty of olive oil which prevents rancidity and mold.

It is world known that the health secret of the Mediterranean diet is mainly consumption of olive & olive oil.



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Weight 880 g


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