Greek Wild Lion’s Mane Hericium Erinaceus Dried Whole Mushrooms Fungi From Mount Olympus

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Greek Product


100% Natural Product

Ideal For Homeopathy, Memory, Brain Function & Stomach Uses





Free Of


  • Artificial Flavors & Colours
  • Preservatives
  • Additives
  • G.M.O.
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Serving size : 1piece (8gr)


Bag of 100gr (3.52 oz ) servings per container : 12

Bag of 250gr (8.81 oz ) servings per container : 31

Bag of 400gr (14.10 oz ) servings per container : 50

Bag of 600gr (21.16 oz ) servings per container : 75

Bag of 800gr (28.22 oz ) servings per container : 100

Bag of 1500gr (52.91 oz ) servings per container : 187


Lion’s mane ( Hericium Erinaceus ) mushrooms are low in calories, they have  a pleasant smell and smooth taste with a bit of lobster and seafood.

It is very nutritious.

 It helps support memory , brain function & a healthy digestive system.

Improves stress, anxiety, depression,  indigestion, relieves the stomach of duodenal ulcer and chronic gastritis.

Moreover, it helps maintain a healthy nervous system.

It has an excellent effect in strengthening the immune system against viruses and allergies.


Storage : Keep it in a cool & dry place



Secrets Before Use Dried Mushrooms For Any Recipe


Before cooking, leave to soak for 20 minutes in lukewarm water. 

Once softened, drain them with your hands and you can now use them in cooking as well as fresh. You say to the cook and to erase with wine or other beverage.

The water in which soaked mushrooms has a very strong taste and after filter, you can use it in cooking, replacing beef broth, chicken or any water you would use in the recipe.



A Few Words For Mushrooms


They contain potassium, copper, selenium, fiber, antioxidants, calcium.

Also contain enzymes that help break the sugar and starch that we get from food.

Contribute to the proper functioning of the liver and pancreas.

The low caloric value for combination with the fact that they are a good source of minerals, vitamins (especially B complex) and antioxidants makes it an ideal choice for those watching their diet, but do not want to deprive taste.



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100gr ( 3.52oz ), 1500gr ( 52.91oz ), 250gr ( 8.81oz ), 400gr ( 14.10oz ), 600gr ( 21.16oz ), 800gr ( 28.22oz )

2 reviews for Greek Wild Lion’s Mane Hericium Erinaceus Dried Whole Mushrooms Fungi From Mount Olympus

  1. Warren Flake (verified owner)

  2. Erik Williams (verified owner)

    I have not recieved the package yet but the service was great. Clear and polite Communication. And if the mushrooms are as they look on the picture I will be very happy with them i am sure!

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