About Us

Dear friends and customers.
Meselopon Ltd is a retail – wholesale company which ship worldwide.
Our specialty is the natural health products, herbal beverages, food supplements, medicinal mushrooms, in general, anything related to Homeopathy.
Also we trade delicatessen & ingredients from all over the world for cooking, pastry & Mediterranean diet.
Last but not least, we are happy to have in our collection the Greek beauty products with bio donkey milk.
Have fun & keep enjoying your shopping with us.
Kind Regards,
The Meselopon Ltd Team
Our contact info :
Meselopon Ltd
71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden
London, WC2H9JQ, United Kingdom
VAT Registration. : 268916063
Company Registration. : 10663855
UK Mobile : +44 7934768628